Groove Onto the Moon


Grab your space suit and let’s blast off to the moon on a funk fueled rocket!

Get ready to blast off!

Come on a jazz and funk fuelled family adventure to find the first footprint on the moon!


A huge family favourite in the EFG London Jazz Festival, Groove Baby returns to with another entertaining, jazz and funk fuelled show especially for 3 – 7s and their grown-ups! 


Groove Onto the Moon follows three friends on a magical adventure to find that very first footprint created 50 years ago. Celebrate one of the most incredible achievements of humankind with a fun mixture of story-telling, interactive music making and solid groove from the Groove Baby Organ Trio. 


Specially designed to be a midpoint between kid shows and ‘regular’ adult concerts, this show has something for everyone (in the solar system).  Inspired by the abundance of fantastic and ground-breaking music of 1969, the show particularly draws on Miles Davis’ landmark jazz fusion record In A Silent Way. An album which featured two giants of UK jazz: Dave Holland and John McLaughlin.


All Groove Baby shows come complete with great music, storytelling and interaction for all ages. These concerts are designed as a halfway point between adult gig and children’s show. 

Join our crew!