Groove Onto the Moon Synopsis

Groove Onto the Moon is currently in development.


Three friends – Maia, Enif and Zhang – are having a sleepover on the night of a full moon. Gazing up at the sky the trio hatch a plan to fly to the moon to find the legendary FIRST FOOTPRINT left by Neil Armstrong.

Advised by Maia’s dog Buzz, they construct a Saturn V rocket in the living room and are guided through a rigorous training programme including flight (by the ducks on the wall) and weightlessness (by the fish in the bowl).

On their adventure to the moon their rocket sails across a giant bathtub, is attacked by a fleet of alien paper aeroplanes and is guided onto the lunar surface by flight controller Gene the Teddy.


Groove Onto the Moon will be performed by an organ, guitar and drums trio with additional electronic instruments and occasional singing.

Inspired by the plethora of great music released in 1969 the show will pay particular homage to the seminal fusion album ‘In A Silent Way’ by Miles Davis which featured two legends of British jazz – John McLaughlin and Dave Holland.

GOM will be made of entirely new composition which will draw on the core artistic concepts of In A Silent Way – bluesy rock themes mixed with simply beautiful and languid modal melodies; deconstructed classical forms; shimmering, swirling sound beds created by the newly invented electric instruments; hypnotic driving rhythms and stuttered phrasing suggesting a primitivism will form the backdrop to the show.

Amongst this, shades of the dirty raw down home funk and groove of Sly & the Family Stone, James Brown, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Band, Rolling Stones, Zappa’s Hot Rats, and even The Beatles’ Abbey Road will be grinding in the background.


Groove Into Space at Kings Place

Groove Baby is committed to the idea of creating shows that are engaging for all ages and as with other shows in this series, Groove Onto the Moon is a hybrid mix of ‘real’ gig and children’s show.

The show will be full of interactive and inclusive elements designed to keep the little ones (target 3 – 7yrs) rolling with the music. Singing, dancing, slapstick, surprises, innovative digital apps, bubble machines and more will help to create a fun, fast paced and educational experience.