Groove Into the Woods


Who will we find in the dark, dark woods? Will they be bad or will they be good?

Family favourite Groove Baby arrives with an exciting, jazz and funk fuelled show especially for 3 – 7s and their grown-ups! 

Groove Into the Woods is an animated and live-action magical, musical adventure which follows three friends into a fairytale forest where they learn some important lessons about who you can trust, who your friends are, and which troll might eat you! 

Specially designed to be a midpoint between kid shows and ‘regular’ adult concerts, this show has something for everyone (in the kingdom). High energy interactive theatre meets top quality gig. 

Blending electro jungle rhythms, infectious pop themes, and a heavy dose of 60s Blue Note soul jazz, the Groove Baby Organ Trio creates a non-stop groove that will have everyone on their feet.

The duration of this show is approx. 55 minutes. Suitable for children ages 3 – 7 and their grown-ups.

Featuring standout musicians from the UK jazz and contemporary circuit, Groove Baby shows are a firm family favourite of the London Jazz Festival as well as entertaining audiences across the UK.

On stage, we meet the three-part band who know their stuff. True musicians, they vary their tempo and riffs in accordance with the unpredictable nature and duration of chatting with a young audience.

It’s a treat – well beyond the usual touring productions of popular children’s book adaptations – to be enveloped in proper musicality. 

– Londontheatre1