Groove Into Space

Grab your space boots and let’s blast off in a funk fueled rocket!

Absolutely loved your gig Storey's Field Centre today... as did our noisy tiddler at the front. Really nice to see some family friendly high quality live music. Come back to Cambridge soon!

‎Lucy Gissing


Audience Member

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of that giant leap for people-kind with the Groove Baby crew. 

Why just take a moon-walk when you can grab your space boots and lay down a funky moon-dance?

Inspired by the abundance of fantastic and ground-breaking music of 1969, the Groove Baby Organ Trio has created  an entertaining, engaging and even educational (!) musical experience for families. 

All Groove Baby shows come complete with great music, storytelling and interaction for all ages. These concerts are designed as a halfway point between adult gig and children’s show. 

Get your space boots.


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