Groove Baby create exciting, imaginative and engaging concerts for small and big people!

This set of engaging family shows for children aimed 3 – 7 and their parents / guardians are designed as a midpoint between children’s entertainment and ‘regular’ adult concerts.

The shows follow an original narrative told by the band as a story in rhyming couplet interspersed with a mixture of original tunes and jazz / popular classics. Drawing on classic children’s story archetypes, the tales are funny, intriguing, exciting and familiar enough to keep the children engaged. The music is high quality and performed by musicians who play regularly on the London jazz circuit.

The performances feature an innovative live digital interactive element where children play along with the band via a specially downloaded smartphone app – turning their parent’s phone into a musical instrument. As well as this, there are a variety of interactive moments including counting and action songs.

Performed by an organ, drums and guitar trio specialising in 60/70s jazz and funk, the shows run at 50 minutes with costume and cardboard sets.