“I will follow you on any adventure! This is great!”
Beth Burgess (Brighton Festival)

“Loved this so much . Restored my faith in humanity”
– @JZ69

“Loved the concert today – music was fantastic as was the setting and atmosphere!” – Clare F

pixie girl

“I popped into one of the shows on Sunday and it was great to feel the joy in the room!”
– Helen Wallace (Kings Place)

“The show on Sunday was fab! Looking forward to attending another.” 
– Charlene

 …They might be on to something.

I had a great time – Groove Into the Woods is better musically than many much higher-priced West End kids’ shows…
– Londontheatre1

Current Shows

For 3 – 7s. 

Come on a jazz and funk fuelled family adventure into the deep dark woods. Who will we find and will they be bad or good?

Upcoming shows - Groove into the Woods

More shows to be announced soon!

For 3 – 7s. 

A swashbuckling, magical, mystical, musical and nautical tale about friendship and treasure chests full of endless sweets!  

Upcoming shows - Groove into the Woods

For 0 – 4s. 

A sensational sensory voyage for under 4s and their grownups.  
This is a grownup concert your baby can groove to.  The GB Trio incorporate entrancing animations and actions into their eclectic set.
Upcoming shows - Groove Sensation

More shows to be announced soon!

Groove Baby is all about fun for the whole family.

Created in 2013 to give parents the opportunity to experience concert hall quality music in a child friendly environment, the shows have developed into a unique – and definitely cool – form of musical theatre event. 

Featuring standout musicians from the UK jazz and contemporary circuit, Groove Baby shows are a firm family favourite of the London Jazz Festival as well as entertaining audiences across the UK.

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